Resurrection of the Lord Catholic Church -
New Parish Hall & Existing Sanctuary Renovation

The Resurrection of the Lord Catholic Church (ROTL) was dedicated on December 3, 1985, and serves the Waipio - Waikele communities. The church Sanctuary structure was built under an approved Conditional Use Permit which also included plans for a future Parish Hall. Since 1985, the number of parishioners and the larger community has grown and so has their need for more space. Responding to this need, the Diocese released funding to renovate the existing Sanctuary to maximize worship space and construct the Parish Hall to provide space to teach, learn, celebrate, worship and inspire.

The Sanctuary renovation successfully increased worship space by 15% within the existing footprint. Eliminating the adjacent Nursery, Reconciliation, Sacristy, Storage Rooms and the deep large bulkhead above opened up the Narthex to the main worship space. The new ceiling design preserved the existing wood vaulted ceiling accentuating the expanded volume of the space by changing the appearance of the ceiling to a floating design.

The CUP approved site plan for the future Parish Hall was a rectangular building located in the center of the adjacent sloped lawn area. The design team revised the layout and angled a portion of the building to capitalize on views and create a campus feel around a central green space. The first floor contains a large open Parish Hall with stage, Kitchen, Administrative Offices and Restroom facilities. The second floor has a total of six Meeting Rooms three of which are divided by operable partitions to accommodate larger meetings and events, Food Preparation area and Restrooms. The deep Covered Deck fronting the larger Meeting Rooms allows events to flow from interior to the exterior as well as provide sun protection on this South facing wall.

The early concept designs included a tall church spire. Several iterations with varying massing, openness, roofed and not roofed were proposed to Zoning during the CUP modification process. Unfortunately, Zoning would not approve any design that exceeded the Residential height limit citing that the designs did not meet the criteria for a “spire” which is allowed to penetrate the envelope as a Zoning exception.

All materials were selected for durability, with ease of maintenance in mind, and to match the existing Sanctuary structure. With full knowledge that the majority of project funding would come from parishioner donations, the design team chose and designed decorative details carefully as well as participated in a rigorous Value Engineering process. 

CLIENT: Resurrection of the
Lord Community

LOCATION: Waipahu, Oahu



STATUS: Completed





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Aina Haina Center

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Washington Middle